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The Landshut Rules, 10th edition

Before Gary Gygax published DnD in 1974, there already were people playing roleplaying games. Back in the days, the distinction between rpgs and wargames ("kriegsspiele") was non-existent. It was a fresh, fun, and freewheeling kind of game, and rule systems that players could build their houserules on simply hadn't been created yet. So, each group wrote their own rules and rulings.

The Landshut Rules aim at exactly that kind of game. With the Landshut Rules, you can play on any world of your imagination.

For all available hacks of the game, please visit my blog:  https://darkwormcolt.wordpress.com/the-landshut-rules-free-kriegsspiel-rules/

If you're interested in diceless roleplaying, FKR-style, download my free "Diceless Landshut: vultrum" rpg here: https://matausch.itch.io/vultrum

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AuthorDarkworm Colt Games
GenreRole Playing
Tags2d6, arnesonian, fkr, free-kriegsspiel-revolution, Narrative, old-school, OSR, Tabletop


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The Landshut Rules v7.pdf 55 kB
The Landshut Rules v8.pdf 56 kB
The Landshut Rules v8.1.pdf 56 kB
The Landshut Rules v9.pdf 439 kB
The Landshut Rules vX.pdf 99 kB

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