Darkworm Colt Games

It's All Just Saves From Here On Out is a universal tabletop roleplaying game.
Ein Erzählspiel über furiose Action, basierend auf John Harpers Ghost/Echo
Universal Full-Contact, No-Holds-Barred Storytelling Game
Prof. MAR Barker's one-page roleplaying system
A rules-lite 2-page game for young and old action figure fans
Rules-lite Classic Traveller the way Marc Miller plays it
Deutsches Old School-Rollenspiel. Freeform.
The Risus edition of the popular cyberpunk game
The popular rules-lite game finally finds its way to itch :)
A World of Dungeons hack for Shadowrun
An original 2d6 game about German old school fantasy. In English.
Hardcore cyberpunk rpg, based on The Black Hack v1
Science-Fiction Adventures are Fun!
Wakaaaaah! A Hong Kong action movie hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons