Darkworm Colt Games

Stuffed with ideas and random tables for the world of Simple Feng and other Hong Kong action movie rpgs!
A whole book filled with new background info and random tables for your JUNGLE adventure game.
The first inspirational word list for JUNGLE, the urban fantasy game
A book of random generators for the JUNGLE urban fantasy rpg
Modern America, where old magic and humans collide
A freewheeling gonzo fantasy adventure game.
Very freeform fantasy adventure game using simplified pbtA rules
Universal Full-Contact, No-Holds-Barred Storytelling Game
One page freeform roleplaying game, in the tradition of the founding fathers of rpgs.
The Landshut FKR rules: diceless version
A freeform, narrative, old school adventure game based on Dungeon World.
A retro cyberpunk adventure game in a future that might have been.
If you love Shadowrun, but hate the rules -- this hack is for you
Learn the ancient secret of true Hong Kong action roleplaying! If you love Feng Shui, but long for simple rules.
RED TIE TIGERS is a fast and furious FKR adventure game based on Thai action movies. Download it here for free.
Hong Kong Action Roleplaying
Fans and heels and babyfaces? Yeah, sure. But wrestling is real, and the costumes have power.
It's All Just Saves From Here On Out is a Free Kriegsspiel Revolution game.
The free fanzine of the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution
Post-apocalyptic action adventure game
Bollywood Action Adventures!
​An adventure game inspired by Warren Ellis' 'Transmetropolitan' comic.
A fairy tale adventure game for the whole family. Ages 4 and up.
An original 2d6 game about German old school fantasy. In English.
Hardcore cyberpunk rpg, based on The Black Hack v1
Prof. MAR Barker's one-page roleplaying system
Simple add-on to spice up combat in OSR and rules-lite games
Ein Erzählspiel über furiose Action, basierend auf John Harpers Ghost/Echo
A rules-lite 2-page game for young and old action figure fans
Rules-lite Classic Traveller the way Marc Miller plays it
Deutsches Old School-Rollenspiel. Freeform.
The popular rules-lite game finally finds its way to itch :)
A World of Dungeons hack for Shadowrun
Science-Fiction Adventures are Fun!
Wakaaaaah! A Hong Kong action movie hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons